Sophomore (10th Grade)

In order to be classified as a tenth grader, students must have successfully completed at least six (6) units including one unit for English 1 and one unit in a mathematics course.

In 10th grade students begin taking a wider variety of classes as their options for electives expands.  Tenth graders also take the HSAP exam for the first time in the spring of their 2nd year in high school.  The HSAP is also known as the South Carolina High School Exit Exam.

The Plan or Pre-ACT is administered during Fall Testing Day to students in 10th grade advisories.  This test helps students prepare for taking the ACT or the Compass Placement test used for admission to South Carolina's Technical Colleges.  An important part of the ACT-Plan is the career interest inventory that students take along with the academic component. 

The interest inventory is reviewed during student's annual IGP conference. 

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