Senior (12th Grade)

In order to be classified as a twelfth grader, students must have earned eighteen (18) units to include one unit each in English 1, 2, and 3, three units in mathematics, and two units in science.  In addition, the student must be enrolled in all other units (required and elective) needed to complete graduation requirements.


To graduate, 12th graders need to have earned at least 24 credits and met all other requirements for a SC High School Diploma

SAT and ACT registration packets and college and scholarship information is available to 12th graders in the Guidance Department.  Seniors meet with their School Counselor at the beginning of the year to discuss their post-secondary plans and options and complete their final IGP.  At that same meeting students sign their Senior Contract and receive information about all the tasks that must be completed during their last year in high school. 


Students interested in the military are provided information on the ASVAB, which is given twice each year at Stall.  Seniors are encouraged to visit with their School Counselor frequently throughout the year.


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